Babe' Farms is launching a variety pack of baby lettuces that features — front and center — its blond frisee, which is new to the company this summer.

Baby Lettuces Bouquet features six heads of baby lettuce in a clamshell, two of which are always blond frisee. The other four are green and red, but the types of baby lettuce should alternate depending on availability.

Babe' Farms to debut baby lettuce mix featuring blond frisee

Courtesy Babe' Farms

Babe' Farms is launching variety packs of lettuce featuring blond frisee, a gourmet trimmed frisee with no outer green leaves.

The product is slated to be available this fall, after the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, said Ande Manos, sales and marketing for the Santa Maria, Calif.-based company.

“There will always be two heads of blond frisee, that’s the feature, and then there will always be a red and a green,” Manos said.

The red and green lettuces should vary between red oak, red perella, red tango and lollo rossa for the red lettuces; and green oak, green tango and speckled robins egg for the green lettuces.

The Baby Lettuces Bouquet should be available year-round in a six-count case, Manos said.

The company started growing and marketing blond frisee, a gourmet trimmed frisee with no outer green leaves, in June. This new baby lettuce mix offers consumers a way to build a salad and highlight it with tendrils of blond frisee, Manos said.

Babe' Farms’ signature Final Touch salad dressing recipe is featured on the clamshell, as well as a tag with fresh salad ideas. Bilingual packages will be available for Canadian retailers.