San Antonio-based Desert Glory Ltd. has been awarded Level 3 food-safety certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute, a division of the Washington, D.C.-based Food Marketing Institute.

Desert Glory, which sells greenhouse vegetables under the NatureSweet label, is the only produce grower in Mexico, and one of only four in North America, to achieve a Level 3 rating for its growing operation, said Bryant Ambelang, president and chief executive officer.

“For us, this is a reaffirmation of the food safety programs we already have in place,” he said. “We tried to move as quickly as we could to be the first tomato shipper certified in Mexico, to demonstrate to our customers that we were willing to drop everything to get those things in place.”

The company’s growing operations in the Mexican regions of Colima, San Isidro, Tuxcacuesco and Zapotlan total more than 1,000 greenhouse acres.