Earth Source, Ephrata, Pa., is offering organic and Fair Trade-certified Mexican avocados this season.

Earth Source, the sole importer of Fair Trade avocados in the U.S., expects about half the organic avocados it imports from Mexico this year will be Fair Trade, up from 30% last year, the company said in a news release.

The company said it only packs and imports Fair Trade avocados through pre-orders to ensure growers receive the highest return and anticipates higher volumes this season because of new customer orders.

A portion of each price paid to Fair Trade growers is used to support projects like building schools, roads and hospitals, according to the news release.

One potential project planned for 2009, pending the approval by the Fair Trade farmer cooperative members, is a well for fresh drinking water in La Soledad, Mexico, home to many of the growers.  

Earth Source importing organic and Fair Trade Mexican avocados