(March 4, 5:37 p.m.) Edinburg, Texas-based Frontera Produce Ltd. has doubled the number of Texas onions it plans to ship this year, thanks to a deal to sell for McAllen-based Burns Farms.

Chris Eddy, Frontera’s director of sales, said with Burns’ acreage, Frontera accounts for about 900 acres, or 10% of the Lower Rio Grande Valley’s acreage.

Frontera originally thought it might increase its deal by 50% to 75% this season, but the company revised its estimate in early March, Eddy said. The Burns deal doubled Frontera’s expected volumes this season.

Ken Nabal, Frontera’s vice president of sales and logistics, said now is the time for Frontera to boost its onion volume.

“It’s going to be a big year for onions for Frontera,” he said. “The way the economy is going and the way things are looking it was time to circle the wagons and focus on our core commodities. The opportunity with Burns presented itself and we seized it.”

Frontera ships onions year round and is currently importing from Mexico. It expects to start its Texas deal in mid-March.