Damage to potato crops could be extensive following a pair of hailstorms in Idaho, but it may not wind up having much of an effect on markets.

Thousands of acres were hit by the storms, and though some were severely damaged, it was too soon to tell how many, said Bob Meek, chief executive officer of  Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Wada Farms Marketing Group, on July 2.

“We don’t know where we stand yet, but it’s a serious hit,” he said. “We’ll still harvest a good crop, though. We’re not going to be short on potatoes in the state of Idaho. As the growers we are, we typically overplant.”

While it was still too soon to accurately estimate possible losses, 25,000 acres of spuds were affected by a storm June 21, 12,000 of those “severely,” according to Local News 8, a TV station that covers eastern Idaho and sestern Wyoming.

A second hailstorm hit June 26.

Jerry Wright, president of the United Potato Growers of Idaho, Idaho Falls, told the TV station that 7,000 of those acres “might recover.”

It wasn’t known how many of those acres were planted for the processing market.

Hailstorms hit Idaho potatoes