(May 19) Weather-related planting disruptions in February and March led to a $10 spike in iceberg lettuce prices in mid-May, but grower-shippers in California’s Salinas Valley said high prices were short-lived.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported on May 16 that size 24 cartons of iceberg lettuce were selling in Salinas, Calif. for $25.35-29.35 compared with $15.35-19.35 on May 9.

By May 18, however, pricing was back down to the previous week’s level.

Don’t call it normal, though.

“What’s normal nowadays?” asked Henry Dill, sales manager at Salinas-based Pacific International Marketing.

Dill said on May 18, iceberg lettuce was selling anywhere from $14-20 per carton.

Most Salinas vegetables have had strong pricing for the past month, thanks to reduced volumes, said Phil Adrian, owner and vice president of Salinas-based Coastline Produce.

Dill said he expected a similar pricing spike in broccoli and cauliflower as the first crops to be affected by the weather are ready for harvest.

“You’ll see lightening of supplies as you get into June,” he said.