(June 4) Warm weather was expected to provide early or on-time harvests and good quality as growers prepared to start their Illinois vegetable deals, shippers said.

Flamm Orchards Sales Inc., Cobden, Ill., had received plenty of moisture this season, and in the second half of May, 80 degree temperatures provided optimum growing conditions, said Larry Flamm, partner in the company.

Flamm said his company had started yellow squash harvests in limited volumes the last week of May. He said the deal would be in full swing by the first week of June.

The commodity was harvested a few days earlier than normal because dry conditions allowed growers to start plantings ahead of schedule, Flamm said.

June 1 f.o.b.s for Georgia’s yellow straightneck squash in half- and 5/9-bushel cartons were priced at $6-8.35 for small sizes and $4-6.35 for mediums, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Cucumbers were expected to start on time this year with mid- to late June harvests, Flamm said. The deal typically lasts until mid-July.

On June 1, medium-sized cucumbers from Georgia in 1 1/9-bushel cartons were $10-10.85.

Though Flamm said it was too early in late May to predict prices, he said Georgia supplies would likely determine f.o.b.s in the squash market. He said squash volumes would be big this year.

Dave Romein, vice president of Peter Romein’s Sons Inc., St. Anne, Ill., also said temperatures in the 80s had provided favorable growing conditions.

The company’s cabbage deal was expected to start the last week of June and run until November, Romein said. He said his company would ship about a truckload and a half of cabbage each day for the entire season, however, he said it was difficult to predict specific volumes.

The cabbage deal will likely peak by July 1, Romein said.

On June 1, fifty-pound cartons of Georgia’s round green medium cabbage were priced at $4-5. Larges were at $3.50-4.50, according to the USDA.

Romein said the green bell pepper deal was on a track to start the third week of July, with shipments continuing through the first of October.

Romein said he expected prices to be close to normal this season.

On June 1, 1 1/9-bushel cartons of green bell peppers from Florida were $6-7.85 for jumbo and extra-large sizes, according to the USDA.