Melon Acres, Oaktown, Ind., has recalled cantaloupes shipped to three Midwest states after a Food and Drug Administration test returned a positive result for salmonella.


Farm-Wey  Produce Inc., Lakeland, Fla., distributed the cantaloupes in bins Aug. 13-14 to Aldi's in Greenwood, Ind., and Meijer stores in Lansing, Mich., Newport, Mich., and Tipp City, Ohio.


Melon Acres announced the recall Aug. 27 on the FDA Web site. No illnesses have been linked to the cantaloupe, according to the release.


The cantaloupes were identified as 41 MG 10, bin numbers 4753-4980; the release didn't say how many bins were included in the recall. One cantaloupe in a sample of 20 tested positive for salmonella, according to the release.


The FDA tested the melons Aug. 11, but didn't report the finding to Melon Acres until  Aug. 21.


The FDA and Melon Acres identified the field where cantaloupe were grown and the company is not harvesting from that field anymore, according to the release.


According to Melon Acre's Web site, the company grows cantaloupes on 250 acres. On Aug. 7, Primus Labs audited Melon Acres' packing/shipping facilities and fields, giving the grower good and excellent reviews, respectively, for foods safety practices, according to the release.

Midwest grower recalls cantaloupes after salmonella test