Late blight has been found in Canadian potato fields, but North Dakota has reported no additional cases.

Blight has been confirmed in western and central Manitoba in Canada, Nick David, extension potato agronomist with the Fargo-based North Dakota State University's Plant Sciences Department, said July 1.

The find is very early in the season, David said - two or three weeks earlier than the typical first find of the season.

But a week after blight was found in North Dakota, no additional cases have turned up, David said. The initial find was made the week of June 21 in Dickey County, in the southeastern part of the state.

It’s the earliest in the season late blight has been found in North Dakota since 1994. Late blight also was found in a Michigan field the week of June 14.

“It’s encouraging not to see anymore,” David said. “Growers are diligent about walking and scouting their fields.”

Late blight is a highly destructive fungal disease that attacks both tubers and plant foliage at any stage of development, and it can spread quickly.