(Oct. 1) Green onion grower-shippers are in transition as they begin to make the switch from California to the Mexico’s San Luis and Mexicali regions the first week of October.

The summer deal is wrapping up in the winter desert district, said Leonard Cole, vice president of sales and marketing for Muranaka Farms, Moorpark, Calif. It started a week or two later than last year, which gives local deals around the country a chance to clean up, he said. Muranaka will start shipping around the week of Oct. 6.

NewStar Fresh Foods LLC, Salinas, Calif., expects to start shipping the first week of October, said Dave Eldredge, president.

Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville, Calif., will make the switch and begin shipping from the Algodones and Mexicali areas exclusively in 10-14 days, which is right one time, said Jeff Post, crop manager for Ocean Mist, on Sept. 30.

Yields could be slightly higher than last year at this time, Cole said.

Although demand has been fair, prices are up. Post quoted $8-11 f.o.b. per carton on Sept. 30, which is the same price as a year before.

This summer showed the strongest pricing for green onions in 10 years, said Don Hobson, vice president of sales and marketing for Boskovich Farms, Oxnard. The season saw record prices of $10-11 for 4-dozen cartons. One reason for the high prices was the decrease in production that came out of Baja California, Mexico.

Acreage there was down, and the yields were not good, Hobson said. Supplies overall also appeared to be lighter because of a water shortage on the Baja coast and the slight decrease of acreage in Salinas, Cole said.

The winter was tough with glutted supply and historically cheap prices, Cole said. The favorable weather caught growers off-guard by producing 30% to 40% more yields. It only takes about 2% to 3% of over planting to affect price, Cole said.

Hobson said this season is starting with 10% to 15% higher yields than last year.

Ocean Mist increased its volume by 200% this year, Post said.

Green onion production will continue to come out of Mexico until May.