Fremont, Calif.-based Purshade now offers its Purshade solar protectant in Mexico through a partnership with Arysta LifeScience Corp.

The calcium-based products protect fruits, vegetables, and other crops from solar and water stress, according to a news release.

Growers in Mexico have seen success using Purshade on a variety of crops, including tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and squash, and have reported decreases in sun-related damage and increased yield with Purshade.

“Growers have tried various solutions, including kaolin clay and overhead cooling, to protect crops from solar damage — all with varying results,” Benjamin Robles, product manager for Cary, N.C.-based Arysta, said in the release. “With the protection of Purshade, growers have experienced increases in biomass production and improvements in crop quality characteristics, including size, color, and weight, resulting in higher-quality and higher-value crops.”

The Advanced Reflectance Technology used in Purshade reflects harmful wavelengths of solar radiation such as ultraviolet and infrared, while allowing sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis to pass through, according to the release.

Purshade is available in formulas for both conventional and organic crops.