Washington apple grower-shippers are expected to ship a record 3 million cartons of Pink Ladies in 2010-2011.

Record Pink Lady apple crop expected

Courtesy Pink Lady America LLC

That would be 7% more than the previous record of 2.8 million, set last season, said Alan Taylor, marketing director of Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC.

Harvest was running about a week late on Pink Ladies, the last Washington variety to be harvested, but was expected to wind down by mid-November, with the vast majority of apples safe from any last-minute whims of Mother Nature, Taylor said.

“It’s the last picked, which up here always makes people nervous, but the weather has been great,” he said.

Volumes should begin peaking in mid-December, just in time to capitalize on holiday demand, Taylor said. For the first time ever, Pink Lady America will be providing point-of-sale materials for New Year’s promotions. Pairing Pink Ladies with Washington wines will be among the messages of the promotions.

Taylor reported excellent quality and a wide range of sizes Nov. 8.