After a record jump in crop production values in 2007, the value of Monterey County’s commodities only increased one-tenth of a percent in 2008 to about $3.8 billion, according to the county's crop report released June 23.

Production values were heavily mixed across commodities with crops like artichokes down 10% and leaf lettuce gaining 6%. Strawberries jumped one spot to the county’s No.2 crop with a value of $619 million, and head lettuce fell to No. 3 with a value of $460 million.

Leaf lettuce retained its No. 1 seat as the county’s most valuable crop with a production value of $651 million. Artichokes declined in value from $74 million in 2007 to $66 million last year, placing 14th in value.

In 2007 production value increased nearly 10% over the previous year, and the report attributes last year’s modest gains to record-breaking fuel and input costs.

The crop report is published annually by the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.