In an effort to extend the East Coast’s broccoli season to year-round, Seedway is working to develop seed varieties that capitalize on the various climates in the East Coast.

The Elizabethtown, Penn.-based vegetable seed distributor plans five seed trials during the upcoming growing season, according to a news release.

“Our goal is to help producers identify appropriate varieties for their growing region and season to assist them in planning for a year-round market,” Dean Cotton, a product manager for Seedway, said in the release.

The approximate locations and dates of the trials are:

  • Georgia — end of April;
  • South Carolina — end of May;
  • Pennsylvania — summer and fall;
  • Ontario — summer and fall; and
  • Florida — winter.

Each location will test between 20 and 30 seed varieties from public and private breeders. At the end of the trials, the company hopes to determine the best-performing broccoli varieties for quality and yield.