If run-of-the-mill jack-o-lanterns aren’t frightening enough for you, a Michigan company offers a pumpkin with serious dermatological issues sure to scare.

The aptly named Superfreak line of pumpkins and gourds features fruit generously festooned with warts, according to a news release from the company that supplies the seeds for them, Holland, Mich.-based Siegers Seed Co.

Superfreak is a very scary pumpkin
Courtesy Siegers Seed Co.

The line features the patent-pending Knuckle Head pumpkin and Goose Bumps gourd, said Roy Pearman, Siegers’ director of sales and marketing.

It took 10 generations of breeding, Pearman said, to yield the Pumpkin Head, which he said is the first full-sized “reliably and heavily warted” pumpkin in the market.

The Superfreak series of pumpkins and gourds went on the market in 2008. For information on banners, downloadable signs, photos and other point-of-purchase materials, visit www.superfreakpumpkin.com.