The University of Arkansas has released two new white flesh peach varieties that are designed to help extend the Razorback State’s peach harvesting.

University of Arkansas introduces new peach varieties

Courtesy University of Arkansas

John Clark, fruit breeder for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, shows white river, one of five white flesh peaches developed by the university for Arkansas growers. Two new peaches, white diamond and white cloud, were added to the line-up in 2009.

The university’s Division of Agriculture released white peach varieties called white diamond and white cloud.

Breeders tout the white varieties as having a flavor that’s distinctively different from yellow peaches.

The new peaches have overlapping picking seasons that start on June 25 with white rock and end with white diamond around Aug. 10, John Clark, the division’s fruit breeder, said in a news release.

“The addition of white cloud and white diamond to the white peach lineup gives growers more high-value options to complement their peach season,” he said in the release.

White Diamond is bred as a low-acid medium-sized freestone peach that has a sweet white flavor similar to the white county variety, Clark said.

A non-melting flesh cling peach, white cloud has standard acidity and a distinct white peach flavor, he said. 

More information on the varieties can be found at the university’s agriculture division Web site.