(UPDATED COVERAGE, Aug. 13) More pears and fewer apples are expected to ship out of Europe in 2009-10.

Pear production on the continent is projected to rise 16% over 2008-09, and apple production to fall 7%, according to the annual forecast by the Brussels-based World Apple and Pear Association.

The forecast was made at the 33rd annual Prognosfruit Conference, Aug. 6-8 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

About 2.5 million metric tons of pears are expected to be shipped from Europe in 2009-10, according to an association press release.

The big jump in European pear production is misleading, said Kevin Moffitt, president of the Milwaukie, Ore.-based Pear Bureau Northwest.

“Last year was a small crop,” he said. “The production will be just 2% larger then the three-year average.”

The U.S. expects to ship an “average amount” of pears to Europe this year, Moffitt said.

If anything, however, were to prevent that from happening, it would be Russia putting up roadblocks to European exports, not the size of the European crop, Moffitt said.

Apple production on the continent is projected to total about 10.7 million tons this coming season.

Also at the Prognosfruit Conference, projections were made for apple and fruit volumes around the world.

Pear volumes are projected to rise by 8% in the U.S. and 2% in Turkey, and to fall by 25% in China and 5% in the Ukraine.

An expected 7% more apples will be produced in Russia, 6% more in the Ukraine and 9% more in Switzerland. Production is projected to fall in the U.S. by 5% and in China by 10%.