The U.S. Department of Agriculture has given the green light to fresh mango imports from Pakistan.

Mangoes must be irradiated at a facility certified by USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service before entering the U.S., according to an agency news release.

On June 16, the USDA completed a pest-risk assessment that opened the door for Pakistani fruit, pending the results of a 60-day comment period.

Volumes are expected to be modest. In 2009, Thailand shipped 1,267 metric tons of irradiated mangoes to the U.S., and India 300 metric tons. Both countries were approved for imports in 2007.

By contrast, Mexico, the top supplier of mangoes to the U.S., shipped about 194,000 metric tons in 2009. Total U.S. imports of mangoes for the year totaled about 300,000 metric tons.

As of 2007, Pakistan was the world’s sixth-largest mango producer, with 1.7 million metric tons produced.

USDA approves Pakistani mango imports