The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California Institute for Rural Studies have collaborated on a report aimed at helping smaller California growers of organic fruits and vegetables.

The difficulty of getting price premiums for organic produce, the inconsistency of supply, trouble finding buyers, lack of price information and meeting buyers’ requirements are among the issues addressed in “Breaking Down Market Barriers for Small and Mid-sized Organic Growers,” according to a USDA news release.

The report, funded by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service and written by the Davis-based California Institute for Rural Studies, provides information on breaking down the barriers between growers, buyers, policy makers, organizations and researchers; hosting workshops on marketing, food safety, wholesaler relationships, online marketing and other issues; and lobbying public agencies to give organic and local foods “preferential purchase” status.

The study is the latest AMS initiative aimed at helping organic producers. The agency recently expanded its Market News price data service to include more organic commodities. AMS will co-sponsor two food safety workshops in 2010 aimed at smaller organic producers, according to the release.