(Jan. 19) REEDLEY, Calif. — A year at a time, apparently, isn’t good enough for Fresno-based Crown Jewels Marketing and Reedley-based Reedley Farming LLC.

Crown Jewels, looking to give its stone fruit volume a major boost long-term as exclusive marketer for Reedley Farming, a tree fruit and table grape grower, has signed a 10-year marketing agreement with the grower.

“This agreement allows us to develop our orchards in accordance with Crown Jewels Marketing plans,” Ted Haas, owner of Reedley Farms, said in a news release.

Reedley Farms packs about 800,000 cartons of tree fruit each year, but within two years of the company’s new planting, it estimates, it will have more than 1 million annually.

Crown Jewels Marketing already markets more than 1.7 million cartons of tree fruit per year, along with several other commodities, including table grapes, strawberries, apples, pears, melons and potatoes.

The two companies had signed similar deals — year-to-year agreements — in recent years, including one last May, but this is the first long-term agreement between them, said Steve Poindexter, Crown Jewels’ managing partner.

“This is the first one we’ve done in this manner,” Poindexter said. “Most of the other things we’re involved in are year-to-year growing-type things. You get into stone fruit, those trees, you don’t just grow them next year; it’s more a permanent-type crop issue, where we can plan the future now on varieties that the customers are looking for.”

Crown Jewels has other short-term deals for more than 50 other growing operations, Poindexter said.