(Feb. 6) An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

There might be some truth to this adage, and several art students plan to offer ways for consumers to incorporate the fruit in their diets to maintain or improve their health, according to a news release.

February is American Heart Month, and The Art Institute of Washington (D.C.) is joining with the Vienna, Va.-based U.S. Apple Association to encourage apple consumption, because the fruit has proven to be a factor in fighting heart disease and certain cancers, the release said.

On Feb. 20, dubbed “Apple Day,” 25 culinary arts students will generate recipes that include apples to illustrate their understanding of healthy cooking, in connection with the institute’s American Regional Cuisines class.

“Using apples to showcase the culinary talents of the students will provide consumers with many wonderful new ways to add apples to their diets,” said Nancy Foster, U.S. Apple president and chief executive officer, in the release. “Apples offer great taste coupled with outstanding health benefits for the heart and the rest of the body.”