Brooks, Ore.-based Curry & Co. Inc. hired David Hicks as an onion specialist.

Hicks has been in produce for more than 20 years. With Skyline Produce, Hatch, N.M., he helped create the first computerized onion packing facility in the state, according to a news release. This facility was used by five growers. With Dona Anna, N.M.-based Pearl Ranch Produce, Hicks helped create a local onions program. He also helped the Great North American Carrot Company in Olyphant, Pa., redesign its Canadian baby carrot packing facility. Most recently, he helped develop the Michael Cutler Co. of Olyphant by expanding its base by recruiting growers in various states and building a new facility in Georgia, according to the release.

“I find produce to be such a fascinating industry and I love being part of a program where I can see the product go from the seed to the final customer,” Hicks said in the release. “It is a rewarding experience.”

Curry & Co. hires onion specialist