(Nov. 10) The four hurricanes that hit the Sunshine State this season caused an estimated $2.2 billion in combined losses to the state’s agriculture industry.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services made the preliminarily estimate during Nov. 7 industry meetings with the state’s congressional representatives in Washington, D.C.

With $535 million in losses, vegetables, citrus and tropical fruits account for 24% of the damage. The report marks the first estimate for vegetable losses.

In the produce category, vegetables represent the largest share of losses at $311 million. At $180 million, citrus damage remains unchanged from the industry’s Oct. 31 estimate. Tropical fruits took a $44.1 million loss, with Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of the Homestead growing area responsible for $30.1 million.

Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma hit Florida this season. Dennis struck the panhandle region.