(Feb. 1) Jerry D’Amore is the new business development manager at SunnyRidge Farm Inc., Winter Haven, Fla. D’Amore was the vice president of agriculture for Bartow, Fla.-based blueberry grower-packer Clear Springs Co. He joined SunnyRidge on Jan. 28.

D’Amore, who joined Clear Springs in February 2006 to help start the central Florida blueberry production operation, said he knew going into the Clear Springs position that his job would end after he accomplished what he and its owner, S.M. Phelps, wanted him to accomplish.

“I had no real talks prior to that with (SunnyRidge president Keith Mixon) and the group there,” D’Amore said. “As soon as I saw that I was free to have that conversation, we had that talk and agreed on point after point. They were kind enough to invite me to their team.”

D’Amore said joining SunnyRidge would provide him more of a national and international range of duties.

Mixon said D’Amore’s addition complements a strong Sunnyridge team.

“In regionality and products, he will help us deliver a stronger and more complete package to our customers,” Mixon said.

SunnyRidge grows and ships blueberries and blackberries in the U.S. and imports raspberries from the Southern Hemisphere.

Before his involvement at Clear Springs, D’Amore was the former vice president and general manager of the blueberry business group for Watsonville, Calif.-based Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc.