SALINAS, Calif. — D’Arrigo Bros. Co. and D’Arrigo family members have donated $250,000 to expand specialized medicine at Natividad Medical Center.

The hospital is a major healthcare provider to Monterey County farmworkers and their families.

The grower-shipper donated $150,000 to Natividad Medical Foundation. D’Arrigo Bros. board chairman Andrew D’Arrigo and his wife, Phyllis D’Arrigo, gave $100,000.

John D’Arrigo, company president, estimated that 90% or more of the hospital’s clients come from farmworker families.

The donations will pay for renovations and construction in the hospital’s specialty services wing. The D’Arrigo Family Specialty Services unit will allow patient visits there to grow from 18,000 to more than 32,000 each year, said Linda Ford, foundation president.

Construction is scheduled to start in June and finish in September, Ford said.

“It’s for the ag community at large,” John D’Arrigo said. “Fieldworkers and their families from all walks of ag come here. We need to help with these services, with specialty clinics and the advanced technology they want to develop so we’re in a position to give back. It’s an investment in the community.”

Operated by Monterey County, Natividad Medical Center is one of California’s 15 public safety-net hospitals that together provide 50% of all hospital care for the state’s 6.6 million uninsured.

Expansion will increase the wing’s current 19 exam rooms to 30 exam and procedure rooms. NMC plans to add specialists in nephrology and plastic surgery, as well as expand obstetric, cardiology, general surgery and orthopedic services because of the project.

New pediatric services will include cardiology, orthopedics and gastroenterology. Pediatric subspecialties will include care for high-risk infants. The Synagis Clinic will provide respiratory protection for babies and children with chronic lung disease, or babies born prematurely.

Andrew D’Arrigo, whose childhood likeness became the face of Andy Boy lettuce, and Phyllis D’Arrigo are John D’Arrigo’s parents.

D’Arrigos give $250,000 to hospital

Mike Hornick

John D’Arrigo, president of D’Arrigo Bros. Company, left, and Andrew D’Arrigo, chairman of the company’s board, right, announce a $250,000 donation Dec. 16 to expand specialized medicine at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, Calif.