(Oct. 17) SALINAS, Calif. — Lorri Koster, a third-generation family member of Mann Packing Co., succeeds her father, Don Nucci, who died Sept. 4, as co-chairwoman of the company.

Mann Packing made the announcement on Oct. 5.

Koster will share chairwoman duties with Bill Ramsey, who was Nucci’s partner for 39 years.

Koster said she envisions her role as one of supporting company president and chief executive officer, Mike Jarrard, and the executive staff to maintain the company culture and grower relations.

“My dad was very active with growers and in community-based politics,” she said. “I’m going to be taking over the reins there and make sure that Monterey County is a place where we can stay competitive and do business and our employees can afford to buy homes and raise their children.”

Koster is the oldest of Nucci’s three daughters. Their older brother, Joe, company president, died of a heart attack July 7 at age 40. She said the succession plan dictated who would take charge.


Koster said one of her toughest challenges will be to assure the company’s employees can find affordable housing.

From an industry perspective, she said her role is to assure the company stays competitive through innovation and development of new products.

The company is close to completing a 20,000-square-foot expansion to its warehouse and shipping facility that will allow it to increase operations by 20% and is launching an array of new products.

Koster is principal of Koster Communications and Coastal Grower magazine. She said her business and the magazine will continue to operate as before.

“I have a good team in place, and it’s very successful,” she said. “I’ve got two kids to raise, and a balance in life is very important to me. In time everything will fall into place.”

Daughter becomes chairwoman of Mann Packing
Lorri Koster (right), newly appointed co-chairwoman of Mann Packing Co., with her sister, Gina Nucci, director of foodservices marketing. Koster will share chairwoman duties with Bill Ramsey.