(June 17) FORT PIERCE, Fla. — DNE World Fruit Sales will double the volume of citrus that it ships from Florida’s interior growing region with the addition of Haines City Citrus Growers Association to its network.

In an agreement announced June 16, DNE will become the sales agent for the Haines City-based cooperative, a 143-grower organization that dates to 1909 and ships about 1.8 million 40-pound boxes of oranges, tangerines and other citrus items each year.

The deal would take effect with the start of the upcoming deal in September, said David Mixon, DNE’s vice president.

The Haines City co-op also is in discussions to form an alliance with Waverly Growers Cooperative, a 130-grower association in Waverly, which has been part of the DNE network for 14 years, Mixon said.

Waverly is about 25 miles south of Haines City in central Florida.

The goal would be to coordinate packing and other operations that both now do separately, and thereby eliminate redundancies, said Dennis Broadaway, the Haines City co-op’s executive vice president and general manager.

The Waverly co-op, which dates to 1914, has an annual volume of almost 2 million boxes yearly.

DNE, which has agreements with seven other citrus-growing associations in the Indian River and interior regions of Florida, ships about 15 million boxes of citrus worldwide each year, Mixon said, adding that DNE has about 400-450 growers in its network.