(Feb. 21) A presumptive positive test for salmonella on two cantaloupes has spurred Dole Fresh Fruit Co., Westlake Village, Calif., to issue a voluntary recall for more than 6,000 cartons of the melons.

Marianne Duong, Dole Fresh Fruit’s communications manager, said the Costa Rican cantaloupes were shipped to wholesalers in the Eastern U.S. and the Canadian province of Quebec.

Some of the cantaloupes may have reached retailers’ shelves. Duong said consumers are urged to return the melons for a full refund.

Duong said a third-party U.S. laboratory did the testing. Upon learning of the results, she said Dole Fresh Fruit immediately notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which then notified the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. There have been no reports of illness linked to the cantaloupes in either country.

Duong said the Costa Rican grower had been exporting melons to Europe with no problems for more than 11 years. This was the first time Dole Fresh Fruit had imported melons from the grower, she said.

Duong said Dole Fresh Fruit has halted imports from the grower until the source of the salmonella is found.

Since mid-November, five U.S. importers of Mexican cantaloupes have pulled melons off the market, citing similar positive tests for salmonella. As with the Dole recall, there were no reported illnesses linked to the Mexican cantaloupes.