Monsanto Co., St. Louis, is working with Dole Fresh Vegetables on developing new products to “enhance consumer vegetable choices.”

Monsanto announced the collaboration June 23 and said in a news release the five-year collaboration will focus on broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach with Dole Fresh Vegetables, Monterey, Calif.

Planting breeding will be used to improve the nutrition, flavor, color, texture, taste and aroma of these vegetables, according to the news release, and any new products could be commercialized by Dole in North America.

Monsanto launched Monsanto Vegetables after acquiring Seminis Vegetable Seeds Inc., and last year the company announced a new initiative to focus on consumer preferences. According to the company, its background in technology allows it to develop varieties designed to boost consumption by tailoring the seeds to fit consumer prefenerences.

Dole Vegetables, Monsanto work to meet consumer preferences