(Aug. 9) Drew Duda, a division vice president in charge of Florida’s fresh vegetable and sugarcane operations for Oviedo, Fla.-based Duda Farm Fresh Foods Inc., has been promoted to chief operating officer for Duda’s processing division.

Duda plans to assume the position at Duda Products Inc. on Sept. 1.

“My moving from Duda Farm Fresh is an opportunity for me to spread my wings and to learn a little more in other parts of our business,” he said. ”They have some need of my help.”

Drew Duda characterizes the change as a lateral move involved in a minor company restructuring. A. Duda and Sons Inc. formed its fresh and processed divisions in January.

Susan Howard, Duda’s corporate communications director, said Duda is preparing to announce some organizational changes to its fresh and processed divisions by September. The company, she said, is in the process of creating a structure for its subsidiaries.

Drew Duda has been a vice president responsible for Duda’s vegetable production out of its Belle Glade, Fla., operation.

He and his wife, Lisa, will host the 2006 Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association annual convention on Sept. 17-20 in Naples, Fla.