(Oct. 23) DUNDEE, Fla. — Steven Callaham has assumed the role of executive vice president of the Dundee Citrus Growers Association after a restructuring of the management team by the association’s board of directors.

Callaham, 33, was selected to succeed former chief financial officer Frank Dunnahoe, 62, who has been with the association since 1961 and will become chief operations officer, where he will serve until his retirement in about three years.

Dunnahoe joined the cooperative in 1961 and took over leadership of the operation in 1987.

“Frank was the driving force and the instrumental individual that took Dundee Citrus Growers from a small to mid-sized operation to one of the largest in the state,” said president and chairman of the board Lindsay Raley.

“He’s been with the association for 42 years, starting in the field, and had just about every position in the packinghouse. There are very few in the industry that have his knowledge.”

Callaham, who earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Florida, served four years as director of grower relations and fruit procurement for Dundee. He was previously harvesting manager at Lake Wales Citrus Growers Association before it merged with Dundee in 1999.

“He’s been Frank’s right-hand man,” Raley said. “He is dedicated to the organization and the board of directors have the utmost confidence in him.”

Dundee represents 100 growers on 14,000 acres and ships about 3.7 million cartons a year. The association is a joint venture with Haines City Citrus Growers Association with sales handled by Diversified Citrus Marketing, Lake Hamilton.