Fruit Patch Sales LLC, Dinuba, Calif., is looking for a new vice president of sales and marketing after a consultant filling the role left the company Aug. 14.

Eastes' departure from Fruit Patch 'amicable'


Scott Wallace, who became Fruit Patch Sales’ president and chief executive officer in July, said Rick Eastes worked with the company as a consultant while serving as vice president of sales and marketing since December. Eastes’ departure was planned and “amicable,” Wallace said, and the company remains grateful to Eastes’ working building up a permanent sales staff.

“We appreciate everything he did,” Wallace said. “The assignment was simply ended.”

Wallace said the company is working with produce executive search firm, Mixtec, to find a permanent vice president and sales and marketing. Candidates are currently being reviewed, Wallace said, with no date yet for when the position will be filled.

Before joining Fruit Patch, Eastes was director of special products for Ballantine Produce Inc., Reedley, Calif. He joined Ballantine in July 2007, coming from Sunkist Global LLC, a division of Sunkist Growers Inc., Sherman Oaks, Calif.