(Nov. 30) Despite the cancellation of the decade-old “Emeril Live” show on the Food Network, little, if anything, has changed for tomatoes or other fresh produce items from The Produce Exchange that carry celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s name.

The network announced Nov. 27 that “Emeril Live” would cease production Dec. 1.

“The show is not actually being pulled from the air. They’re no longer taping the show, and they’ll be doing reruns for the next couple years,” said Doug Wyrick, director of marketing for The Produce Exchange, Livermore, Calif., which markets, sells and distributes the Emeril’s Gourmet Produce brand.

The network will continue to tape “The Essence of Emeril,” as they look for other opportunities, Wyrick said.

Wyrick said the Emeril line includes 26 fresh produce items, most of which are grown around the Hollister, Calif., area by Pride of San Juan, in which his brother, Steve Wyrick, is a partner.

“There are other food items that they do with other partners,” Doug Wyrick said. “We specialize in the fresh produce side. We grow everything except the potatoes, and we get those from a company in Colorado.”

He said the show’s cancellation would not affect the marketing of the brand.

“He talks about a lot of things and uses a lot of ingredients as he’s doing his show and we provide that for ‘Essence of Emeril’ and wherever appropriate,” Doug Wyrick said. “The (cancellation’s) impact over the whole brand is going to be nonexistent, as far as we can tell.”

Emeril’s show cancelled, but brand retains steam
The Produce Exchange, Livermore, Calif., does not expect sales of its Emeril-brand produce to lag, despite cancellation of the television program "Emeril Live."