(June 15) The Produce Exchange has taken over all sales, marketing and distribution responsibilities for the Emeril’s Gourmet Produce brand in a restructuring that allows Pride of San Juan to focus on its role as the line’s primary grower.

As part of the reshuffling, Doug Wyrick left his role as director of sales and marketing at San Juan Bautista, Calif.-based Pride of San Juan and is now director of marketing and product development at The Produce Exchange, Livermore, Calif.

“It comes down to what each company is good at,” Wyrick said. “We want to focus on what gives us our best chance for success. Pride of San Juan has the farming background. We have the marketing background, and Emeril has the food background. We each bring something special to the brand.”

Wyrick said it made more sense for Produce Exchange to handle the brand because the company’s sales are focused on retail customers, while Pride of San Juan is more foodservice oriented.

Pride of San Juan entered the retail business in 2004 when it launched chef Emeril Lagasse’s produce line with bagged salads, herbs and heirloom tomatoes. The brand has since expanded to more than 30 fresh produce products, including colored bell peppers, fingerling potatoes and cipollini onions.

Emeril enlists Produce Exchange
The Produce Exchange will handle sales, marketing and distribution responsibilities for Emeril’s Gourmet Produce brand to allow Pride of San Juan to focus on growing.