(Sept. 16, 11:01 a.m.) Willcox, Ariz.-based Eurofresh Farms on Sept. 16 announced record sales volumes of its Campari tomato for the 2008-09 winter season.

“Customer demand for Campari has grown dramatically in recent years and Eurofresh is proud to provide these juicy and flavorful tomatoes 365 days a year,” chief executive officer of Eurofresh Farms Dwight Ferguson said in a news release. “Great or snacking and salads, we are happy that such an extraordinarily sweet and fresh tomato is being requested more and more by restaurateurs, grocers and the general public.”

Eurofresh anticipates double-digit growth of the cocktail-sized, pesticide free tomatoes, available year-round, according to the release.

Campari tomatoes account for about 25% of the company’s greenhouse space, covering more than 300 acres between its Willcox and Snowflake, Ariz. locations.