(Oct. 13) WILLCOX, Ariz. — A new name is being applied to packages shipped by the largest U.S. grower-shipper of greenhouse tomatoes.

Eurofresh Inc., has updated its name to Eurofresh Farms.

Dwight Ferguson, Eurofresh’s chief marketing officer, said the company, founded in 1990, made the change to strengthen its brand connection with fresh produce and take advantage of current consumer buying preferences.

“We’ve been struggling with the whole branding issue for a while,” he said. “We did an extensive amount of consumer research to try to identify ways to link the brand name more closely to the produce industry.

“Although we wanted to preserve and protect the equity associated with Eurofresh, we wanted to find a way to bring more clarity to the brand for consumers.“

Eurofresh recently completed construction of a 24-acre greenhouse and packing station. The firm has increased its tomato acreage from 140 acres to 164 acres. Eurofresh plans to eventually expand to 260 acres, Ferguson said.