Eat your fruits and vegetables. It’s the law.

That is not the case, of course, but Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Tom Coburn quizzed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on her views whether a hypothetical law requiring Americans to eat three fruits and three vegetables a day would be constitutional.

“Sounds like a dumb law,” Kagan responded at the June 29 hearing.

The exchange at the confirmation hearing between Kagan and Coburn, R-Okla., prompted a tongue-in-cheek letter and delivery of fruit baskets to both parties from Tom Stenzel, president of the Washington, D.C.-based United Fresh Produce Association.

Exchange prompts letter, fruit basket

After jesting about the hypothetical law’s inadequacy based on dietary guidelines, Stenzel then urged a public policy focus on putting more salad bars in schools and increasing the availability of fresh produce for all consumers.

“Alas, government can’t make every American eat their fruits and veggies, nor could my grandmother,” Stenzel concluded. “But we can work together to make the healthiest choice become the easiest choice, especially for our children.”