(June 17) NEWARK, Del. — The Produce Marketing Association has commended the Food and Drug Administration for its proposal to amend the voluntary nutrition labeling values for the 40 most popular fruits and vegetables.

In comments submitted to the FDA in late May, PMA offered its help with this measure — which urges retailers to voluntarily post nutrition information on the top 20 fruits and top 20 vegetables — and other food issues, according to a news release.

“Accurate nutrition information will help consumers understand this and make healthful food choices at the supermarket,” Kathy Means, PMA vice president, said in the release. “We applaud FDA’s efforts to continually refine its data on these commodities.”

In mid-March, PMA alerted its members about the FDA’s plan to update nutrition data. Although the list of the top fruits and vegetables is not changing, the FDA decided to list the commodities in alphabetical order in favor of consumption.

The FDA’s proposal also includes nutrition value changes for many commodities.

Retailers must make this nutrition information available to consumers in a variety of ways — including posters, signs or brochures — and must be posted by at least 60% of stores, or mandatory regulations will be enacted.

The FDA checks every two years to ensure this quota is met. The most recent compliance check was in late 2000.