(Feb. 29, 1:04 p.m.) Pink Lady of America LLC found a lighthearted way to celebrate the extra 24 hours we get every fourth February.

Washington Gov. Christine Gregorie proclaimed Feb. 29 Pink Lady Brand Awareness Day.

In her proclamation signed Feb. 20, the governor highlighted the contributions the Washington apple industry, brings to the state’s economy each year — including the estimated $100 million the Pink Lady apple contributes annually.

Alan Taylor, marketing director for the Yakima, Wash.-based group, said the proclamation was a spur-of-the-moment idea. Leap Day already garners attention in the media, so this was a good way to take advantage of it, he said.

“We’ve gotten some notice out of it, particularly some radio coverage,” he said. “It’s just different enough to get some attention.”

The proclamation came at a good time for the crop, as well. Pink Lady apples typically are featured during the month of February, particularly for Valentine’s Day.

“They’re at their peak this time of year,” Taylor said.