(Sept. 15) ORLANDO, Fla. — Left unchanged for more than 50 years, the logo of the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association has been revamped in time for the group’s 61st annual convention.

Like its predecessor, the new logo features the FFVA acronym, but the design is focused more on agriculture, said Ray Gilmer, director of public affairs. Gilmer said many of the organization’s members have offices in multiple states.

“We’ve shifted our emphasis away from geographic boundaries and more towards the focus, (the) mission of the organization,” he said.

In the old logo, the state was pictured inside a circle, and FFVA was printed along the left side of the Florida graphic.

The new design was created with the acronym, and the association’s full name is written underneath. The right point of the “V” in FFVA rises like a stem and two leaves protrude from its tip.

In addition, the logo features an arch over its right side. The semicircle blends from orange to red, which Gilmer said represents either fruit or the sun.

He said the logo is geared for the future.

“It’s a more modern, more contemporary look,” Gilmer said. “The traditional FFVA logo is one that we have a lot of affection for because it kind of symbolizes the early generations that established and put FFVA, and in many ways put Florida fruit and vegetable production, on the map.

“But, at the same time, our leadership felt that what we’re saying is that this is sort of a fresh look and a fresh badge for the work that the association does for the 21st century.”

Though the logo has been introduced to the industry in registration materials for FFVA’s convention, its official unveiling will be during the event. The convention will take place Sept. 26-28 in Naples.

FFVA introduces new logo
The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association has revamped its logo after using the old one for more than 50 years.