(June 22) Sterilox Solution, an antimicrobial product sold by PuriCore PLC, Malvern, Pa., is used to eliminate viruses from hard surfaces, extend produce shelf life and keep misting systems clean.

The active ingredient in Sterilox Solution is hypochlorous acid, which is commonly used as a disinfectant in fresh-cut processing plants.

“What’s unique about what we do is that nobody was really doing anything at the other end of the supply chain,” said Tom Daniel, senior vice president of PuriCore’s Sterilox Food Safety division.

He recommends the use of Sterilox Solution in supermarkets’ produce crisping water and misting systems.

Because fresh produce commodities, such as lettuce and carrots, lose moisture during distribution, supermarket produce staff members often crisp or rehydrate them before putting them on shelves.

Daniel said Sterilox Solution in crisping water can help keep produce fresher and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. Generally, produce department staffers use the same water to rehydrate several cases of produce, he said. The solution can help prevent the spread of bacteria, including E. coli, if some of the produce happens to be contaminated.

Running Sterilox Solution through the produce misting system keeps the heads clean and helps prevent the buildup of mold in the system, Daniel said. The solution in the misters also helps to keep produce display racks clean.

The company also offers a remote monitoring system to its customers. A service center tracks the number of gallons used and made at a supermarket and provides feedback to the retailer, Daniel said.

Sterilox Solution and the monitoring system can help supermarkets protect consumers and their brands, he said.

About 1,600 stores have system, which is designed to be easy to use, Daniel said.