(Aug. 17) Portland, Ore.-based Fizzy Fruit Co.’s carbonated fresh fruits are expected to make their way into more school cafeterias this fall.

Chartwells School Dining Services, a division of Charlotte, N.C.-based Compass Group, The Americas Division, is expected to begin testing Fizzy Fruit’s Fizzolators in seven school districts, said Caroline Nelson, Chartwells customer relations manager.

Nelson said she did not know the number of children enrolled in those districts.

Miz Nakajima, communications and marketing manager for Fizzy Fruit, said Chartwells is purchasing the Fizzolators, which add carbon dioxide to fruit’s natural water content.

The districts can use the Fizzolators to add carbonation to any type of fruit, but those with high water content, such as grapes, apples and oranges, work best, Nakajima said.

Chartwells provides meals for more than 600 public school districts and private schools.

Nakajima said she hopes to have Fizzy Fruit available for most of Chartwells’ school customers within the next six months.

The Fizzolators, which are available only to school foodservice customers, are used in about 50 districts nationwide.

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