(June 8) BLYTHE, Calif. — Fisher Ranch Corp., Blythe, and Danna & Danna Inc., San Jose, have formed a new sales company, Danna & Fisher Sales LLC, said Steve Danna, president of Danna & Danna and a managing partner in the new firm.

Bart Fisher, president of Fisher Ranch, also is a managing partner.

The new company will ship cantaloupes, honeydews and mixed melons, but Danna did not estimate how much volume would be involved. He said other commodities the companies ship might be included later.

The sales group consists of Mike Farrage and Danny Arakelian of Fisher Ranch, Gene Oswalt of Danna &Danna and Jeremy Giovannetti, previously director of sales at Half Moon Fruit & Produce Co., Yolo.

The two companies, each of which has been in business about 60 years, combined forces “to better serve our customers with one-stop shopping,” Danna said.

The firms will continue to ship under their existing labels, which include 42nd Street from Danna & Danna and King Fisher from Fisher Ranch.