(Feb. 14) After debuting in select retail stores in 2006 and winning the “Best of What’s New” food innovation award from Popular Science magazine, the carbonation-infused fresh product known as Fizzy Fruit is supporting an online movie contest.

The Portland, Ore.-based Fizzy Fruit Co. and HarperCollins Children’s Books have announced a sweepstakes called “Keep Moving Forward” to promote Disney’s March 30 theatrical release of “Meet the Robinsons.”

In a news release Feb. 12, Fizzy Fruit said the contest — set to run from March 1 to May 30 — can be accessed at www.FizzyFruit.com, www.HarperCollinsChildrens.com or www.SpaceCamp.com, and will feature prizes including an adventure at Huntsville, Alabama’s Space Camp; a “Meet the Robinsons” book collection; various music cds and movie paraphernalia.

Fizzy Fruit, a sparkling fresh fruit product with no added sugars and all the nutrients and fiber found in regular fresh-cut fruit, is a natural partner for the sweepstakes, according to HarperCollins Children’s Books director of marketing Joanna Marutollo.

"Fizzy Fruit is a novel product that has generated a lot of excitement among children,” she said in a statement. “Our joint marketing efforts constitute a natural partnership between two companies that celebrate the imagination of children.”

“Meet the Robinsons” is a computer animated film that follows the adventures of Lewis, an orphan and budding inventor who seeks the family he has never known. Lewis travels into the future and learns a secret that will change his life.

The contest’s “Keep Moving Forward” title is a reference to the Robinson family’s motto. The film is based upon a HarperCollins published book entitled “A Day with Wilbur Robinson.”

Fizzy Fruit said that “fizzitors” to the sweepstakes Web site also can win instant prizes at the Imagination Station.