Salinas, Calif.-based GreenGate Fresh LLP has marked its third anniversary by moving into a new facility.

The fresh-cut processor started up its 50,000-square foot plant in March and marked its third year in business in April, said Jay Iverson, vice president of sales and marketing.

The new location is 2.5 times larger than its old one, which also was in Salinas, and it’s similar in size to its winter home in Yuma, Ariz.

“We’re enjoying a little elbow room,” Iverson said.

Since the new facility has the equipment to double the production capacity of the old one, “we’re aggressively looking for new business,” he said.

Until now, the company was processing at two locations then transferring to two other facilities for shipping.

“Now it’s all under one roof,” Iverson said.

The move already is benefiting the company and its customers.

“It’s streamlined things immensely,” he said.

Loading time for trucks, for example, has plummeted.

There are three separate rooms — one for raw produce, another for processing and a third for finished product and shipping — and 12 loading doors.

The facility actually is a building within a building, he said.

There’s 6- to 10-inch air gap between the insulated panels and the concrete, tilt-up exterior all the way around the building.

“Any heat buildup is vented out through the top,” Iverson said.

That design, combined with LED lighting and other energy-saving features, should reduce energy use by up to 40%.

The main processing room has stainless steel walls and ceiling, which “opens up a myriad of sanitation options.”

There’s also “a true triple-wash system,” Iverson said.