D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of California is gearing up for its third Kids in the Kitchen cooking class, the second this year.

The 90-minute class, hosted this time by Food Concepts chef Todd Fisher, is scheduled for the evening of July 8 at the company’s Salinas, Calif., headquarters.

The thrust of the Kids in the Kitchen classes, the first of which was last fall, is to combat obesity among children, said Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, sales specialist.

“That’s really a huge issue. Obesity is a big factor, and so is diabetes,” she said. “The classes are about getting kids to understand the need for eating healthful foods and physical activity.”

Teaching time management is another goal, Pizarro-Villalobos said. Many ingredients can be prepped in advance of preparing meals, she said.

“The class is also about promoting our specialty items and to get families to know how to utilize them in the kitchen.” Pizarro-Villalobos said.

Among the company’s Andy Boy specialty produce items that are featured in the classes are fennel, broccoli rabe, colorful cauliflower and cactus pears.

As many as six dishes are prepared in each class, after which the students and their parents are invited to dine on their creations in the company’s outdoor patio.

“Kids do want to cook, and they want to be a part of the process,” Pizarro-Villalobos said. 

The fee for the class is $40 for each child/parent pair.