(May 1) Save time and labor by ordering pre-washed bags of lettuce blends from suppliers and add a few of your own ingredients. Here’s what a few suppliers offer:

Babe Farms Inc., Santa Maria, Calif., offers three popular blends, each available in 3-pound boxes: spring mix with 12 to 16 baby and specialty lettuces; baby mix salad greens with eight baby lettuces and radicchio; and arugula and radicchio salad with those two varieties only.

Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. , Salinas, Calif., offers its classic iceberg blend with shredded carrots and red cabbage in 3-pound bags; shredded iceberg lettuce in 1/3-, 1/4- and 3/8-inch cuts in 5-pound bags; and classic romaine with shredded carrots and red cabbage in 5-pound bags.

Epic Roots, Sausalito, Calif., offers maché in 8-ounce and 1-pound bags.

Fresh Express Inc. , Salinas, offers four blends in addition to the basic 5-pound iceberg/romaine blend and the 2-pound baby spinach: European blend with iceberg, romaine, green leaf, radicchio and curly endive in 2-pound bags; Italian with romaine and radicchio in 2-pound bags; a 1- or 3-pound spring mix with up to 15 tender baby green varieties; and a new blend with romaine, butter lettuce, cabbage and carrots in 2-pound bags.

Natural Selection Foods LLC, San Juan Bautista, Calif., offers several blends. Besides baby spinach and baby arugula salads in 4-pound packs, it offers mixed baby greens, also known as spring or mesclun mix, featuring at least 10 lettuce varieties in 3-pound packs; herb salad with mixed baby greens and cilantro, parsley and dill in 3-pound packs; baby romaine with baby greens and red romaine lettuce in a 3-pound pack; a straight salad mix, similar to the spring mix, with baby lettuces only; and Asian salad with spinach, mizuna, red mustard, tat soi and red chard.

Ready Pac Produce Inc. , Irwindale, Calif., offers its Santa Barbara blend of chopped escarole, endive and radicchio in 2-pound bags; an all- American blend featuring iceberg, romaine, carrots and radishes; and mixed baby greens in 5-pound bags with eight baby lettuce varieties.

River Ranch Fresh Foods Inc. , Salinas, is known for its spinach in 2.5-pound bags. It also offers chefs’ blend, featuring iceberg and romaine with red cabbage and ribbon-cut carrots in 5-pound bags, and the California blend, with iceberg, romaine, endive and radicchio in 5-pound bags.

Tanimura & Antle Inc. , Salinas, offers baby spinach in 2- and 4-pound bags; California blend of iceberg, romaine, endive and radicchio in 5-pound bags; cascade mix with romaine, green leaf and radicchio leaves in 5-pound bags; and a chefs’ blend of romaine, endive and radicchio in 2-pound bags.