D&W Packaging LLC, Fountain Inn, S.C., and investment partner Mid Oaks Investments LLC recently added a third packaging company it thinks rounds out its packaging offerings.

D&W will integrate C&M Fine Pack Inc., San Bernardino, Calif., with its current roster of foodservice products manufacturers, Fountain Inn-based Dispozo Products and Wilkinson Industries, Fort Calhoun, Neb., which have combined revenues in excess of $300 million.

What C&M Fine Pack brings to the table is a line of microwaveable packaging, said Joseph Lancia, president and chief executive officer of D&W Packaging.

“This adds a larger breadth and a whole new microwaveable line to what Wilkinson already offers,” Lancia said. “We’ve assembled a host of materials that can be manufactured specifically to what our customers want.We pretty much round out the needs of any grocery-type processor.”

Lancia said C&M will serve the restaurant, grocery, food processor and institutional market such as schools, health care and commissaries and offer a variety of products from a variety of materials, including a broad selection of sustainable materials, that can be designed for almost any use.

The company distributes nationally and has seven locations and about 2 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space. It employs more than 1,500 people and operates more than 160 production lines. Lancia said more jobs will be added to the C&M workforce.

Lancia said the merger took effect Nov. 16.

“We’re excited about this,” he said. “All facilities stayed intact. We plan on expanding some of them.

“We believe we’ve created a unique company in our industry. We’re able to serve large and small customers with stock and custom products in a one-stop fashion.”