When you think of outdoor food carts in New York City, hot dogs and pretzels are probably the first things that come to mind.This summer, if the cart’s green, residents are in for a healthful, colorful surprise.

The city is now deploying the first of 1,000 Green Carts, whose aim is to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to New Yorkers, particularly those in areas where it can be hard to get produce, according to a city news release.

By June 11, about 200 of the carts, which were approved by the city council and Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2008, could be found on city streets, according to an article in The New York Times.

Green Carts will be concentrated in neighborhoods where more than 15% of residents surveyed reported eating no fruits or vegetables the day before they were polled, according to the city.

In some New York neighborhoods, that number was as high as 26%.

Under the plan, private-industry food vendors apply for Green Cart permits. About 350 permits each will be granted in the Bronx and Brooklyn, 150 in Manhattan, 100 in Queens and 50 on Staten Island.

The city estimated 75,000 New Yorkers will eat more fruits and vegetables as a result of having access to Green Carts.