Gills Onions', Onxard, Calif., fresh-cut onion processing plant will be featured on Discovery Communications' Science Channel this month.

Gills Onions to be featured on Science Channel

The facility, the largest in the world according to Gills Onions, will be shown on a segment of “How It’s Made” Dec. 18, according to a news release.

The show will feature how fresh-cut onions are prepared for the market.

The “How It’s Made” series presents behind-the-scenes views of manufacturing processes from around the world.

A four-person film crew shot Gills fresh-cut onion process, people and facility, according to the news release, with filming over a 12-hour day edited to a segment running less than five minutes.

The video shows workers overseeing the many steps and specialized machinery required to skin, dice or slice onions, keep them refrigerated for freshness, and safely prepare them to ship to market for consumption.

Through the growth of the company, the Gills developed proprietary equipment and processes to peel, dice, and slice onions and ship them in packages of all sizes, according to the release.

Gills Onions, along with sister company Rio Farms, manage more than 15,000 acres of farmland and 300,000 square feet of processing and warehouse facilities.